Kathy Coatney

From the Farm to the Table Olives

Did you know table olives are picked green, unripe, and they ripen after they are picked? Thirty-five-year veteran photojournalist Kathy Coatney (specializing in agriculture) and former olive grower introduces second and third-graders to this amazing crop with photographs and easy-to-read text from the olive guys, Farmer Nick and Farmer Charlie. The olive-producing duo explains how table olives are grown and processed.

The From the Farm to the Table series is designed for second and third-grade readers, each book highlighting second grade vocabulary words.

“Fun and full of information about how olives are grown and packaged. Farmer Nick and Farmer Charlie are friendly guys who raise olives and show us around their orchards. Great photos accompany the text. This series continues to introduce kids to how food is raised in an accessible, engaging way.”

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