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From the Farm to the Table Dairy

Did you know dairy cows can have quadruplets? They mooo-st certainly can! Thirty-five-year veteran photojournalist Kathy Coatney (specializing in agriculture) pens the extraordinary story of the Four Quart Girls, quadruplet calves born unassisted on a California dairy. The cow guy, Farmer John, introduces second and third-graders to these remarkable creatures with photographs and easy-to-read text about life on a dairy farm for both animals and humans.

The From the Farm to the Table series is designed for second and third grade readers, each book highlighting second grade vocabulary words.

“Exceptional, well-written educational read for a second or third grade comprehension. Informative and engaging photos help the reader to understand how cows live and the changes over the years as to how people obtain their milk. Great introduction without overwhelming children with interesting facts (quad births) and mathematical lessons (ounces / glasses of milk). Vocab list at the end (underlined throughout the text) as well as resources for creating lesson plans to accompany the dairy unit and additional website resources. Looking forward to reading additional titles in this noteworthy informational series.”

“I may not have children but I loved this book! The photos are amazing, the cows and calves look so cute and cuddly! The book follows the birth of four healthy calves to one cow, which is something super rare! The language in the book is geared for children in the 2nd grade and above, but even I learned quite a few things.”

” Looking at the photos, I got a sense of curiosity of how farm life could be, getting up early, caring for animals, working with my hands – that is until the city girl in me kicked in! This is a great educational book that will interest young and old!”

“This true story of a rare occurrence, the birth of quadruplet calves, is woven into a book about the dairy where it happened. Told with charm and accompanied by interesting photos, this is a great book to help kids learn about where their milk comes from.”

“Thank you Kathy Coatney for a children’s book that is delightful and real. The pictures are fun and show children what cows really look like. The story is amazing! Keep the Farmer Guy/Gal books coming!”

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