I am what I call a blended author. I write contemporary romance under Kate Curran, nonfiction children’s books under Kathy Coatney and I blog about living a healthy lifestyle. While each type of writing I do is unique, they are all very much a part of me as a woman, wife, mother and grandmother. I love to hear from my readers. What you like, don’t like, how life is treating you at the moment—the good, the bad, the ugly. Comment on my blog or email me anytime. I hope to hear from you soon.

Kate & KATHY

Leave Me Breathless

What do an inquisitive reporter, a dedicated cop, and a band of geriatric mystery sleuths have in common? The desire to see justice done!

Tossed from a prestigious San Francisco newspaper, journalist C.J. Pulaski returns to her hometown of Conspiracy, California, in disgrace. She’s hit rock bottom and will do anything to find her next big story and get her career back on track. In desperation, she even joins her father’s Trench Coat Brigade, a wacky group of seniors with a penchant for solving mysteries.

After his partner was killed in the line of duty, Nate Cole left the LAPD to become police chief in Conspiracy. Small town living suits him just fine until he has to solve a thirty-five-year-old murder, keep the Trench Coat Brigade in line and deal with a spunky, outspoken reporter. Now, Nate suspects there’s been something missing from his life—C.J.



Farmer Terry is a spud guy. He raises two varieties of potatoes, Russet Norkotah and Red. Farmer Terry planted his first potatoes in high school with his brother, John, and continues to grow them today. Text with photographs of Farmer Terry tells the story of how potatoes are grown.

Holiday Weight Maintenance

Tis the season when pounds start magically appearing. Exercising and maintaining my weight can be a challenge this time of year. My routine gets out of whack with guests to entertain and an abundance of food to eat. Suddenly, I’m not exercising regularly, overeating and not savoring my food or the holiday.
New Traditions

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