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I write contemporary romance, nonfiction children’s books and I blog about living a healthy lifestyle. While each type of writing I do is unique, they are all very much a part of me as a woman, wife, mother and grandmother. I love to hear from my readers. What you like, don’t like, how life is treating you at the moment—the good, the bad, the ugly. Comment on my blog or email me anytime. I hope to hear from you soon.

Leave Me Breathless: One mistake cost her everything

Sparks fly between a driven journalist and a burned out cop. Will she choose her career over the only man who leaves her breathless?

Fired. Famed journalist C.J. Pulaski returns home in disgrace, her career in ruins. Desperate, she joins the Trench Coat Brigade, her father’s wacky group of mystery sleuths searching for a story that will put her career back on track.

Nate Cole gave up a promising career with the LAPD after his partner was killed. He chose Conspiracy for solitude, but what he found in the tiny coastal community was family, and a woman that drove him to distraction.

Staying in Conspiracy isn’t an option. C.J. lives and breathes investigative reporting, and she doesn’t have time for love—until she meets Nate. Now all bets are off.

Conspiracy offers a little bit of everything—murder, mystery and romance galore. It’s the place you’ll want to call home. Get your copy now!



Farmer Terry is a spud guy. He raises two varieties of potatoes, Russet Norkotah and Red. Farmer Terry planted his first potatoes in high school with his brother, John, and continues to grow them today. Text with photographs of Farmer Terry tells the story of how potatoes are grown.

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