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Book 3—Falling in Love for the First Time is Live

Book 3 is here! To kick off the release of book three in the Falling in Love series, I’m offering a 2-day special. Buy Falling in Love for the First Time then come check out my brand new Chat Bot and get my mystery romance, Leave Me Breathless for free.

So what is Chat Bot? It’s part of my Facebook page where you can get updates and information about me and my books, and you’ll be part of my VIP club. So just click this link Chat Bot then click on Get Started and that’s it. Easy peasy. P.S. if you want to opt out at any time just type stop.

Here’s book 3, Falling in Love for the First Time

She fell in love with the man of her dreams, then grief tore them apart.

Maggie Murphy is passionate about three things—running, nursing, and Daniel Gregorio.

Maggie and Daniel grew up next door to each other in Paradise Falls, Idaho. They fell in love and got married, then settled in their hometown to build a life together. Maggie worked as a flight nurse, while Daniel started Adventure Docs, an emergency medical service. Life was good until Daniel’s brother returned from the military, suffering from PTSD.

Their fairytale marriage unravels when Daniel’s brother dies, and Daniel’s own PTSD symptoms intensify. No longer able to control his outbursts of anger, his only choice is to push Maggie away. But when Maggie goes hiking and doesn’t return, Daniel won’t let anything keep him from finding her.

 Will Daniel and Maggie get a chance to rekindle their love or lose each other forever?

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The Lure of Small Towns

What intrigues me about small towns? For starters, I’m a fourth-generation small-town girl, born and bred. Living in the boondocks has its advantages. Small towns are intimate. The clerks in the grocery store, post office, and florist know you by name. You know your neighbor and probably grew up with them. Where I live, there…Continue Reading

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