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Weight Loss Challenges

If I’m not exercising, I have several challenges to weight management. That is a fact of life for me, and while I was on the mend from my last spill on the bike, I immediately saw my weight start increasing.challenges

The Checklist Diet

When I initially lost this weight three years ago I read The Checklist Diet by Rebecca Clark. As the title implies, there is a checklist of ten items in the book, and some of the items applied to my circumstances, and some didn’t. So when I started gaining weight again, I asked Rebecca for advice. It turns out she’d gaining weight, too.

Rebecca said, she’s an emotional eater. “After my husband’s cancer diagnosis last year, I ate a LOT of my feelings. It seemed for every pound he lost, I gained. But rather than get upset with myself and hate what I saw in the mirror as I gained weight, I was kind to myself. Eating comfort food was how I coped. I knew I’d be ready to get back to a healthy diet eventually.”

But by the time she was ready to get back on track, she found she’d gotten so far out of the habit of healthy eating that she decided to take the advice she gives her clients. “Take two to three of your worst habits and work on those. For me, it’s eating when I’m not hungry, not drinking enough water, and eating too much added sugar,” Rebecca said.

After two weeks of working on those habits, Rebecca dropped five pounds. “I am starting to feel better. I know I’ll have setbacks because my husband’s struggle isn’t over yet (but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!!!). I will continue being kind to myself and taking baby steps back to health,” Rebecca said.challenges


Taking Rebecca’s advice, I took a hard look at what my challenges were, and for me it’s eating when I’m hungry, stopping when I’m full, and stop eating after 8 p.m. So, I started focusing on those three steps.

challengesI also had a couple of trigger foods that were fanning the flames of my eating issues, so I decided to stop eating them for the immediate future—tortilla chips and popcorn. I eliminated those two foods until I really wanted them. Within days I felt like my eating was back on track.

In the last ten days I dropped four pounds, but more importantly I started feeling better because I was eating a balanced diet again and not consuming everything in sight.

And now that my injuries are healed, I’m back to running and biking again, which makes my weight management much, much easier.challenges

Do you have eating challenges? How do you manage them?

6 Responses to Weight Loss Challenges

  1. I find that the less I eat chocolate and candy, the less I crave it. So now when I feel like eating it, like to curb an afternoon hunger pang, I have more willpower to say no. I wish I had that in other areas, because I do have an issue with portion control.

  2. I tend to eat whether I’m hungry or not. Especially when I’m writing, It’s an excuse to get up and move around; to walk in the kitchen and grab a couple of chocolates. I also lose weight when I exercise. I like to walk every day. It not only helps with weight it keeps my arthritis from bothering me as bad.

    • That is so me! And my keyboard can attest to the fact that I’ve learned to eat and type. Gotta clean the sticky off my #6 key! There are just so many good things to exercising every day aren’t there?

  3. I was really good tonight. When I realized that supper hadn’t been enough, I went for the pumpkin seeds instead of more carbs and sugar. Thanks for the post. I’m going to look up The Checklist Diet, see if it can help me.

    I can eat those guilt free. 🙂

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