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Getting Active

Getting Active

For those who aren’t following me on Facebook, I’ve taken on the challenge of participating in the Pole, Pedal, Paddle next April. It’s a six part event. My part of the event is the five mile run and the half mile sprint.

I have NEVER been a runner. I plod along at a pace that’s hard to distinguish between walking and running, but I decided I could do this. Since I started running in May, I have gone from a 15

Walking the dogs at sunset

minute mile to last week a 9:35 mile.

Some of you might think I’ve always been committed to exercise, but that’s not true. It’s really only been in the last 10 years I really got serious about it. My original motivation for exercising was for weight control only, but also to stay healthy.


While I was active before, I wasn’t active enough. I rode my indoor bike every day, but I didn’t really get a strong workout. When I decided to make a lifestyle change, I started going to a kickboxing aerobics class where the instructor really gave me a workout. From there, I added mountain biking, cross country skiing, swimming, yoga and most recently running.

Getting Started

Cross country skiing

So maybe you’re wanting to get in shape, but you’re wondering how to start. Rebecca J. Clark, author of The Checklist Diet, and a trainer, says the easiest way to get active is to start walking.

“Anyone can walk. And with any exercise, remember not to go too fast, too long or too soon. Our joints need conditioning too, so even if you can run a mile on your first outing, it doesn’t mean you should. Your feet and knees will thank you,” Rebecca says.

Rebecca stressed, it’s important to listen to your body, especially when you’re just starting out.

“You don’t have to kill yourself. Focus on just getting your body moving 3-5 times a week, no matter how easy. Once you have that habit, then try to move and be active for 30-45 minutes each workout. Once you have that habit, then start pushing yourself to work a bit harder,” Rebecca says.

Lifestyle Change

I’m a firm believer in the make or break a habit in three weeks. If I can stick with something for that long it becomes part of my daily routine. But I have to admit that for some things, like exercise, it took longer for it to really become ingrained in my daily routine.

I love this comment from Rebecca. “You didn’t get out of shape overnight. You won’t get back into shape overnight either.”

This is so true! And honestly, if I can do it, anyone can. All you have to do is start. Think of it like brushing your teeth. It’s just something you do every day.

Running along the river

Running is my thing right now, what’s yours?

Running along the river

9 Responses to Getting Active

  1. Good for you Kate! I’m excited to read about your progress. You are an inspiration for sure. And it doesn’t hurt that you have such an amazing place to work out. Love the pictures.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • thanks Patricia and oh my gosh it’s wonderful to have such beautiful place to work out. And wouldn’t it be sad if I wasn’t taking advantage of all the beautiful outdoors here and not experiencing it?

    • You know Rebecca always tells me there’s always some kind of movement you can do and you are proof of it Louise. And fall is such a beautiful time to be out there isn’t it?


  2. What a timely post! I have been working on getting more active too… without overdoing it.

    I’m still at the “trying to find safe places I can walk around frequently” stage (I have chemical sensitivities–safe means it has to be a no-VOC environment), but I’m feeling better when I do go walking, which is an important change from before.

  3. I can see where that would be difficult. You know something Rebecca recommends that I love is just turning on the music and dancing and there are tons of great YouTube videos on exercising and yoga that I use all the time. And you know what I did when I went to conference recently was use the stairs whenever I could although don’t know if that would a good environment for you, but if you have stairs in your house they are a great way to get in shape, too.

  4. I think that’s so great that you stepped up and said yes to the challenge. Good on you, Kathy! I was a daily walker for over fourteen years. However about eighteen months ago, I went to a life coach, and he challenged me to step my fitness up a notch. I started running for small stints, walking the rest, then I started running all the hills. I kept adding to it and in a few months, I was running the whole way. I love it now!

  5. This is a great article. I have just found out about you from getting your book in a free giveaway in March, 2017. Your nrwsletter says you also wrote a book called Angels R’Us but I cannot find it anywhere. I looked for it by your name and by title in Kindle and nothing shows up. It sounds very interesting and I’d like to read it. Hiw can I find it to purchase?

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