Kathy Coatney

Dad's Girls

Lily and her dad were very close. They spent lots of time together. Friday was her dad’s day off, and they did special things together while her mom taught school. But then a few months before her sister, Violet, was born, her dad died, and everything changed.

This is the story Lily shared about her dad to remember all the special things about him for her and Violet.

Inside the Story

Dads-Girls-Back-no-text-high-resDad’s Girls was written for all the children who’ve lost a parent. This particular book moved me deeply as it’s a true story, and the husband, father, son, nephew and friend we lost is missed every day.

A special thanks to Lily and her mom for sharing this story of the special man they called husband and Dad.

All proceeds from the book go to Lily and her sister, Violet’s college account.

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